Use the power of SiteGenerator to put all your companies products on the web. SiteLink allows your company to securely trade on a 7x24 basis at negligible cost.

You can put 10 or 100's of thousands of products into our system and SiteLink will ensure that your product pricing and availiblity are always up to date.


Automatically uploads all your information onto our secure server cluster and sends back orders in real time as they are processed through our system. Our intelligent agent then processes the orders in realtime into your fulfilment systems (this may require some integration work - please contact us).

Installation and customisation

There is significantly more work setting up and customisation since our SiteGenerator(TM) agent has to put the information into your fulfilment systems. However we have interfaced with most systems. The set up costs are variable depending on your systems.

If you would like more info send us an email to or phone 0118 963 7000.


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Designed to make it easy for e-commerce and e-procurement applications to exchange shopping basket information in a simple and reliable manner.


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