sbXp - e-commerce and e-procurement applications for shopping basket information exchange 

Why has sbXp been designed?

sbXp™ has been designed to make it easy for e-commerce and e-procurement applications to exchange shopping basket information in a  simple and reliable manner.

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The protocols for exchanging orders between websites have proven difficult  to use and implement for web designers and programmers alike. The OrderXchange business process and Shopping BasketXchange Protocol (sbXp) have been designed from the ground up to be very simple to implement and use.

How does sbXp work?

Shopping BasketXchange Protocol is based on a simple form post to transfer information from one shopping basket to another. A lot of shopping baskets actually use this mechanism to pass items from one page of the basket to the next page  and it is familiar to all web designers and all web development environments.

The protocol is comprehensive, covering multicurrency, multiple Tax rates, multiple line and basket level discounts, multiple delivery charges and multiple attributes (additional information) for each item. There are no limits on sizes in the protocol so unlimited items are allowed at any point. 

Shopping  Basket Xchange Protocol is easy for any web designer to impliment by creating a simple form post to send your shopping basket to another site.

The other significant protocols for Order Xchange™ are cXML (Ariba Punchout format) SAP OCI and Oracle's iProcurment  punchout. Ariba and Oracle use XML as the message format SAP uses the fields in a HTTP post. However both Arbia and Oracle use HTTP or HTTPS  post as the transport mechanism for their XML messages. 

The  actual messages that need to be transmitted are very simple and there is no requirement to use XML as the message format where http post fields are more than adequate. The differences between the Ariba, Oracle and SAP implementations are significant and the SAP implementation is by far the easiest for a web design agency to  implement.

One of the more significant e-procurement exchanges has bypassed the entire problem by implementing cost effective buy and supply side solutions that are fully integrated. The exchange/network hub is @UK PLC (UKPLC.NET) and the Order Xchange business process and the Shopping Basket X-change Protocol transport mechanism is @UK PLC's contribution to easier and cost effective interoperability. 

Shopping Basket X-change Protocol forms the core of Document X-change Protocol. Document X-change Protocol allows Purchase Order and Invoice documents to be exchanged using http/https post using a superset of sbXp with the addition of delivery, invoice, and ordering addresses.

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