Winchester Podiatry

Basic Rules for Foot Care

Proper foot care is essential to help maintain healthy pain free feet.  As we get older our feet continue to change, so it is important to have a foot care routine. To help you keep your feet in good condition, follow these tips:

Ø  Keep your feet clean- wash daily in warm water with non-irritating soap for just a few minutes. Dry your feet properly with a soft towel, paying careful attention to the spaces between the toes, to prevent athletes foot.

Ø  Never use sharp objects to remove hard skin or corns. File hard skin away gently with a foot file or a pumice stone.  If the hard skin or corns are painful, seek professional advice from a HPC registered Podiatrist.

Ø  Apply moisturising cream (with urea) to your feet daily, avoiding the toenails and spaces between the toes.  Keep the spaces between the toes fresh and dry with a little surgical spirit.  Dip a cotton bud into surgical spirit and simply 'twizzle' the bud between the toes.  Repeat daily to prevent any sogginess or Athlete's foot from developing.

Ø  Trim nails using proper nail scissors or clippers, follow the natural curve of the end of the toe, NEVER cut or dig into the sides of the nail as this can create an ingrown toenail.

Ø  Make sure you are wearing the right size shoes for you!  Poor fitting footwear can be the cause of many foot problems yet few of us even realise we are wearing the wrong style or size shoes.

Ø  Use corns plasters with caution, and never use them if you are diabetic, they contain acids which can damage healthy skin.

Ø Change footwear regularly and hosiery daily, this helps prevent athletes foot and sweaty feet. Don't use talcum powder on your feet, it can clog the pores; use a medicated foot powder instead.

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