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Phantom Source Floor stander

The Acoustic Insight Phantom Source represents a current benchmark in loudspeaker audio realism; a major achevement in obtaining the essence of the original performance, and from a modest sized domestic loudspeaker. Designed to completely satisfy even the most critical music connoisseur with a broad range of musical tastes, every detail has been fine-tuned to give a unique combination of power and accuracy in all that is important for a completely astounding musical experience, representing the very leading edge of what is capable from loudspeaker technology.

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Th e Highlights
Industry-leading acoustic imaging and sound-staging - each instrument is recreated with immaculate illusion due to the optimised full-range array, but this is only part of the reason we call it ‘Phantom Source’.

Astoundingly realistic sound quality, even down to the lowest bass possible in a domestic environment, you can literally ‘feel’ the source due to the design elegance and available bass weight.

Amongst the lowest unwanted resonance levels possible using current loudspeaker technology afforded by masterly deployment of micro-flexible anodised light foil.

Acoustically tailored, unfiltered, response profile with minimised ‘room contribution’ afforded by the true full-range array deployed in a transmission-line, not by the use of electronic filtering.

Unusually vivid musical expression, from the subtlest nuance to the most dramatic dynamic, afforded by the twin deployment of this ultra-light full-range technology together with advanced cabinet design.

Based on the previous award-winning FocaStage, every aspect has been further advanced including the minimum of electronics, the drive unit, cabinet internals and tuning. The improvement is substantial and immediately noticeable.

The design features the most advanced Jordan drive units ever developed from this classic name and a state-of-the art retuned transmission line cabinet with minimal of passive filtering components. The full-range seamless soundstage is not only musically near-perfect, but completely belies the apparent elegance of the sleek and classic appearance.

Full-range is sometimes only loosely applied to the frequency coverage of a loudspeaker output, as one realises when a true full-range design, the PS, is experienced. Here the full frequency output arises from each single main driver diaphragm in parallel, with tuned TL port assistance in the very lowest bass. This is far superior to the concentric (driver in driver plus crossover) approach sometimes used to attempt to emulate a true full-ranger and simple ported (bass-reflex) designs, as with the PS the full sound spectrum is completely seamless and the whole cabinet length is used. Here is a brief summary of how the performance is realised:

The Drive Unit
The most advanced metal-foil Jordan drive units, world renowned for not simply ‘sounding uncannily realistic’ but indeed not sounding like a loudspeaker at all. Prepare to be astounded by the very latest in this fully UK developed technology. The clarity, speed and range of these classic single-coil units is unarguably beyond compare in the whole of the audio industry. Now with a full 2cm excursion, every element, including the power drive and diaphragm has been carefully refined even further, including the strategically deployed phase plug. Any resonances have been reduced to far beyond inaudibility. This represents a far advance over the ordinary metal drive unit, commonly deployed elsewhere. See Technical Innovations.

The Cabinet
Transmission lines are renowned for their bass depth and quality, achieved with a minimum cabinet footprint. The use of identical twin full-range drive units is eminently suitable for such a design and allows a single long cavity to be tuned to 30 Hz, giving incredible depth (into the low 20’s Hz) from a modest-sized domestic friendly design. You’ve simply not heard what a transmission line can really do until you have heard the PS, which extends far lower than any standard bass-reflex speaker of the same size.

Our beautiful cabinets are masterpieces in themselves, UK designed and crafted using the assistance of the very latest computer simulation software and available in a choice of solid and enchanting real wood veneers.

Leading Design
Full-range twin ‘semi-line’ source with adjustable HF output for finely tailored top-end dispersion - It’s a combination that has captivated many a musical soul. Acoustic Insight pioneered this technology in the original VS and the unique imaging ability, versatility and realism has reached a new pinnacle in the PS. The difference is you don't actually hear the loudspeaker, just the music. A good analogy is 'seeing through' a clear picture window into the music rather than a composite window of stained glass.

The PS is so acoustically accurate that it doesn’t even require the controversial electronic crossover circuit, the necessary electronic filtering (frequency cut-off) in just about every other traditional multi-unit (or concentric) design. Indeed there are only 2 modest high-end passive audio electronic components deployed in the whole of this unique full-range, HF adjustable 1.5-way array/port-loaded transmission line.


(In room)

29Hz – 27KHz (-3dB)
23Hz - 37KHz (-6dB)

Power Handling

250 Watts Max


89dB @ 1W/1m,   5 Ohms

Driver Array

2 custom class leading Jordan full-range drivers

2 cm peak excursion, high efficiency, tailored flexure, anodised light metal alloy, ferrofluid cooled,

phase plug,  massive magnet , linearly optimised

state-of-the-art suspension, bass weight optimization.

HF Unit

Polymer/silk dome, neodymium, ferrofluid

cooled/damped, fully adjustable via

rear panel controls, gradual introduction

Design Highlights

Mass (port) loaded straight transmission line

1.5 way array floorstander with front firing double

flared seamless  port. 20mm dual-side wood

veneer/mirror black. Substantially internally braced

and dampened with advanced materials. 2-way gold

plated terminals and HF controls. Crossover free.

Adjustable feet. Class leading full-range drivers.


107.5cm x 21.5cm x 26.8cm






Light Cherry

Dark Cherry

Piano Black