Ultra Resolution Loudspeakers


Welcome to the world of Ultra
Resolution Holographic Music Soundstaging featuring State
of the Art UK Full Range Technology


High Definition Review

Performance *****

TNT Audio

Very Highly Recommended

The advantages are numerous, immediate and obvious including flawless timing, flawless stereo imaging, honest detail resolution, explosive transient response, more open, more emotive, more engaging compared to convention.

'Emotional involvement in the performance is to a degree rarely, if ever, experienced outside an unplugged live stage performance.'

This is rather difficult to describe fully without the experience. Some call it sonic virtual reality... it's ACOUSTIC Insight, by design.


Unusually natural and seamlessly integrated sound across the frequency spectrum. They simply 'don't sound like loudspeakers'.

  • Flawless (holographic) stereophonic imaging giving a totally realistic soundstage.
  • Flawless resolution of fine detail and musical depth - revealing all nuance and harmonic expression to recreate uncanny  presence, and maintaining all background detail including recording ambience. Simply puts the listener 'in touch with the music'.
  • Zero perceivable distortion, even at volume levels near the impressive maximum.
  • Incredibly fast and accurate volume dynamics with perfect timing.
  • Incredible quality of bass down to an unprecedented low for the size of cabinet.
  • Optimised bass weight/tonal balance.
  • Fully customisable top-end (also altering the dispersion profile) for a range of preferences/rooms.
  • Ease of room placement, including Ease of driving by a wide range of stereo or multi-channel amplifiers.
  • Beautifully compact and tailored wood-veneered or mirror piano black cabinet designs in seamlessly smooth and rock-solid finishes.
  • We've astonished experts in double-blind trials with our new dimension in HD audio.