@UK Development Team - A division of @UK PLC 

If you're looking for quality bespoke software, and a flexible friendly attitude, you've come to the right place.

The Development Team within @UK PLC is dedicated to producing quality software solutions. Our quality management system is based on the ISO 15504 standard for software development process improvement. We also use the DSDM methodology where appropriate, to ensure we work to time and to budget.

We have an enthusiasm for writing software from Mathematical Models to Work Flow and have a wide range of expertise from large and or complex databases through Expert Systems, Contact Management Systems, to Complete Electronic Marketplaces.

We are also closely linked with the in-house design team who deal specifically with the design and development of state-of-the-art web sites, and work with developers to tailor-make background web applications.

This website was build using SiteGenerator. SiteGenerator was developed by @Software for @UK PLC and includes quite a lot of our reusable code base.

Whilst we are expert in internet development, we also have a full range of other development skills :

  • Member of the DSDM Consortium
  • Member of the UK Software Metrics Association
  • ISO 9001 Certified

Our clients include one of the UK's largest EDI sites, and amongst the largest Credit Card, Computer Distribution, Smart Card networks and Hotel Chains.

We have a number of government contracts in addition to our private sector business.

However we provide this excellent service at Contractor rates. In an informal benchmarking exercise by a major UK accountancy practise our rates were half to one third the price of our competitors.