About Us

Our highly talented management, development, e-commerce and design teams help keep @Software PLC ahead of the competition.

We pride ourselves on

  • efficient methodologies
  • best-of-breed technologies
  • up-to-date quality-management systems
  • software-process improvement schemes
  • competitive pricing policies.

Our rapidly-expanding client base and project portfolio is fast establishing @UK PLC as a market leader.

Our quality-management system is based on the new draft ISO 15504 standard for software development and process improvement. Whilst other companies may trumpet their ISO 9001 compliance, we take this as the norm.

We have best-of-breed tools and methods to ensure that we find out the real requirements for any project before work starts on it. We test our developing products throughout all their phases so we can deliver the highest-quality result. Our internal target is zero introduced defects to any system that we write. We regularly achieve this and often correct problems in other systems we interface with.

We are a member of RIPE and Nominet, and can register Internet addresses and domain names. We are happy to discuss any projects you may be considering, and provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation proposal.


We started life as Calleva CAMAD (Computer Aided Modelling and Applicaition Development). We changed the name to @Software after we created @UK PLC to exploit our SiteGenerator Software. see http://www.sitegenerator.com

Our aim as a company was to write interesting fun software, have a great team and so produce innovative quality software for our customers.

@UK PLC our spin off ended up taking over our lives, and we have moved from bespoke software for external customers to a development team for a Web Application, that has 100s of thousands of customers.

We have been through some tough times in the process and a lot of learning, and are looking forward to the future

Our focus is still on quality and speed, since Zero defect development is always faster than catching the bugs later

We have a lot to do since @UK PLC was developed with minimal resources, and whilst we have mapped out some of the vision there is still a long way to go.

Please contact jobs@ukplc.net if you are interested in developing your career. It is fun, challenging and you get to think. And we have a lot for you to do.