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@UK Bespoke Templates

Once you have chosen your basic SiteGenerator package - if you decide that your site needs more than a 'standard template', we will be only too happy to work with you to create a unique 'bespoke template' tailored to your needs.

Our 3 main options are outlined below but if you need to discuss a more specific solution with a site designer then please contact us.

The following options are in addition to your basic @UK package - please check the latest prices.

If you also wish to include extra fields of information about your products and an advanced product search using filters you would be best suited to the:

Additional options

All manner of other functionality can be added to these packages!
The sky really is the limit, so if you are looking to develop your site please speak to us about your ideas and we'll do our best to come back to you with a competitive price as soon as we can.

Bespoke Websites

InaPlex bespoke website design

Ecommerce packages

The Wine Keller ecommerce website
Flash and gif animation from @UK PLC

Accessibility and Usability

All our designers are trained to a high standard in Usability and Accessibility by leading experts Webcredible, and will be able to advise you how best to comply with the laws and guidelines of accessibility throughout the design process.

Find out more about accessibility and usability