If you have an @UK website we can help you get your online shop up and running.

To get started with e-commerce it is possible to take orders on account or by cheque but to accept credit cards you'll need a PSP. There is more info on the main @UK site regarding adding ecommerce to your website.

We can integrate with Paypal but currently it skips our basket /order tracking system and uses the Paypal basket.

With each package you get access to an online site editor where you can enter details and prices of your items.

There are a few options:

Bespoke Websites

Inaplex bespoke website design

Advanced packages

The Libra Company advanced package website
eservices from @UK plc

Accessibility and Usability

All our designers are trained to a high standard in Usability and Accessibility by leading experts Webcredible, and will be able to advise you how best to comply throughout the design process.

Find out more about accessibility and usability