Supamole Ltd 


Supamole Ltd

SupaMole Ltd is an innovative Harrogate based company that used cutting edge drilling equipment to lay pipes and cables without the need to dig holes. Similar to keyhole surgery but for roads, footpaths and gardens.

SupaMole uses computerised equipment to get a reading of what is already underground.

A detailed picture is compiled of existing cables and pipework which allows us to work around them, eliminating problems of hitting stop-taps and other utilities.

The steerable moleing machine can lay up to 150 metres of cable, ducting or pipes up to 125mm in diameter at one time and only inconvenience to the householder or road user is the truck and the boring equipment - unlike conventional methods of cable laying, which call for the entire road to be dug up.

Business partners Tim Spink and Mark Claydon are enjoying a steady stream of work and their portfolio includes:

  • County Councils in Harrogate, Leeds Gateshead, Durham
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Aurora
  • Freedom Maintenance
  • Northern Electric
  • Pirelli
  • and many private contracts.

The main attraction for their clients is that the equipment that use means work can be carried out faster, more efficiently and at a better rate than many of their competitors.