Bank Account Manager

Bank Account Manager

Now more than ever, it is important to take control of your money.


You may find that you are increasingly paying charges on your bank account.  Or are you lucky enough to have money left over each month to transfer into a saving account ... but you are never quite sure how much you could move?

And have you ever wanted to know how much spare cash you are likely to have next month ... or the month after ... or even in 6 months time?

Would it help to know what your bank account's balance will be every day as far ahead as you could plan?

If you could confidently plan, predict and check your account balance for each day stretching out before you...

      • You could modify your spending habits to avoid unwanted charges

      • Probably you could move more money into that saving account earlier in the month than you do now and earn more interest

      • You'll see your daily cash position on any day stretching out before you taking account of all your known income and outgoings

Now you can do all this, using Bank Account Manager.

This user-friendly spreadsheet helps you to plan and predict your daily account balance for months ahead allowing you to take control of your finances. 

Simply put... it's home budgeting made very easy!

Price? Just  £1.75 for a license expiring end December 2010.

Bank Account Manager is easy to use:

    • enter your regular monthly, quarterly and annual income & expenditure (salary, direct debits, standing orders etc.) just once on the date the payments normally clear your account

    • enter one-off withdrawals & credits (cash, cheques etc.) on the dates you think the payments will clear your account

Bank Account Manager calculates and displays your account's daily balance for months ahead.  Potential over-limit situations appear as a negative balance.  You will even know how far 'in the red' you are likely to be so that you can transfer enough funds to stay 'in the black'.

If Bank Account Manager helps you to avoid just one over-limit situation, it will probably pay for itself in saved bank charges.

Download a FREE trial here

Bank Account Manager is a licensed product.  License expires end December 2010.  You will be required to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA) before you can use it.  Click here to read the EULA before you buy.

Get BAM (Excel 5/95 and higher) Buy ... only  £1.75

You will be able to download the file (1.5 MB) as soon as payment is confirmed.

Higher versions of Microsoft Excel (or equivalent spreadsheet program) will run BAM. The file has been virus checked by SpreadSheet Software but it is recommended that you do your own virus check before opening the file. 

If required, you may download Winzip at the following link
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