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About Sounds Vintage


Sounds Vintage was originally put together by two members of staff working on Practical Wireless magazine in the 1970’s. Colin Riches, who used to write the ‘Going Back’ feature every month managed to compile a vast collection of material relating to the early days of wireless, work of the pioneers and early developments, together with literature, photographs, circuit diagrams and even pristine copies of 1920’s wireless magazines, that had he not intervened, would have been consigned to the dustbin!

Colin Riches’ colleague Norman Stevens, who is sadly no longer with us, was also able to make a valuable contribution to Sounds Vintage’s editorial content as he had a wealth of experience in vintage 78 gramophone records, record collecting and all things ‘gramophonic’.

Contributors to the 1970’s editions included doyens of the collecting world including Howard Hope, Hilary Kaye from Sotheby’s and Christopher Proudfoot from Christies – and subscribers to the magazines included John Paul Getty Jnr., comedian Deryk Guyler and the presidents of several Japanese electronics companies.

Sounds Vintage which had a circulation in excess of 2000, went out to over 40 countries, ranging from Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Denmark to Japan, the USA, Australia and even Papua, New Guinea!

Over the years we have received a number of enquiries relating to the magazine and in fact did launch a pilot edition of a magazine along similar lines entitled Vintage Sounds. Although we had a loyal following and a number of them subscribed, the revenue was not quite enough for us to publish and break even.

HOWEVER, now that we have such scientific innovations as e-mails websites and the Internet, all is not lost, for we intend publishing those four years of Sounds Vintage digitally, along with a selection of vintage wireless and gramophonic advertisements and extracts from vintage magazines.

Example pages of Sounds Vintage will published on this web site FREE but, we will have to make a small charge of £6 for complete issues and a selection of vintage advertisements every three months as we intend re-publishing quarterly.

We very much hope you will enjoy accessing this website and that vintage enthusiasts will be able to contact one another through the magazine so that we can all benefit from our pooled knowledge and preserve the priceless information for generations to follow.

Happy Reading! – Colin Riches, Editor.


FROM time to time, we will be publishing  news stories relating to Sounds Vintage and will be happy to include readers sales and wants in our FREE "CQ" Column, details of record bazaars, vintage fairs and suchlike, so please keep us in touch!