SiteLink FAQ

Which Financial Management Systems are supported?

SiteLink™ supports the following back-end systems directly:

  • Actinic Web Site Designer
  • Sage Line 50
  • VipaMedia Portfolio
  • VipaMedia MMC Premier
  • Sage Line 500
  • Access Dimensions accounting

In addition SiteLink™ supports any back-end system that supports direct data access using any of the following technologies :

  • TAS Books accounting (via CSV export)
  • Comma separated text (CSV) via ODBC or OLEDB
  • Fixed width text via ODBC or OLEDB
  • Excel via ODBC or OLEDB
  • SQL Server (OLEDB or native)
  • Any SQL database that may be accessed via an ODBC, OLEDB or ADO.NET interface.

Interfaces with the following back-end systems are scheduled for later this year:

  • Sage MMS

Whats the difference between Site Generator and SiteLink?

SiteGenerator allows you to edit your site content and manage your catalogue 24/7 but the interface is online.

SiteLink works offline, so you can make all your changes and then upload them in one go - useful if you have a pay per minute connection or need to make edits on the move.

SiteLink also integrates with many brands of financial software, to ensure your invoicing, catalogue lines and website are in synch.