Who developed Site Generator 5?

SiteGenerator® has been built in-house by @UK PLC. @UK have created an number of major websites using new technologies, such as eMapsite.com and London Theatre Direct.

@UK's mission is to create cost effective technology that creates real business benefit. Companies such as eMapsite regard @UK as one of their major competitive advantages.

More details of the @UK Development Team can be found at www.software.plc.uk


This is a list of those people who have worked tirelessly on the @UK site to make it what it is today!


  • Ronald Duncan
  • Dr. Carol Thoraval
  • Mark Webber
  • Oliver Steiber
  • Annick Morris
  • Ken Shimmin
  • Ian Hodger
  • Bruce Ashton
  • Bengt Grahn
  • Diana Churchill
  • Barry Chandler
  • Dr. David Anderson


  • Natalie O'Donovan
  • James Denbigh
  • Graham Fereday
  • Gavin Sayce
  • Darrell Martin

Testing, Usability, Marketing

  • Brian Sellers
  • David Chellingsworth
  • Lyn Duncan
  • Tom Aspinal
  • Simon Roberts
  • Clive Williams
  • Terry Nicholas
  • Andy Gatland
  • Trish Hensman
  • Sarah Hill
  • Robert Brown
  • Chris Jones

Project Management

  • Jonothan Holt

DSDM Methodology

  • Ian Smith

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