Further Information

SiteGenerator version history

  • v1.0 Websites and Ecommerce
  • v2.0 Portals, and Marketplace
  • v3.0 Ecommerce, Portals, Marketplace, and purchasing
  • v4.0 Ecommerce, Portals, Marketplace, Purchasing.
  • v5.0 Ecommerce, Portals, Purchasing, Hub, and Supplier Management System

SiteGenerator 5.0 6D Ebusiness Model

SiteGenerator is the first technology to support a comprehensive 6D ebusiness model. The core value of a marketplace is the amount of business that can be conducted without having to leave the marketplace. SiteGenerator 5.0 technology allows suppliers and customers to find a complete end to end solution that enhances their business through all the steps from customer acquisition through to fulfilment and repeat business.

View an overview of the model as used by @UK PLC.

SiteGenerator 5.0 Benefits for suppliers

See how @UK PLC are using SiteGenerator to help their 2.1 million business to gain competitive advantage.

See what the @UK site does and benefits of using the @UK site

SiteGenerator 5.0 incorporates NightLink and LiveLink technology

NightLink and LiveLink provide the legacy and enterprise system integration required by most major businesses seeking to outsource their eCommerce operations. This leading edge technology allows major corporates to keep their systems and website in sync whilst gaining the advantages of an additional channel to market via the marketplaces.

View NightLink and LiveLink flash movie