Refax Systems Ltd


Refax systems was established in 1988 to meet the present and future needs of a variety of businesses; supplying and servicing a wide range of products including photocopiers, faxes, printers and telecommunications.


Since 1988 we have built a highly successful sales and service team, with a loyal and growing customer base throughout London and the South East.   
Refax has the flexibility and experience to offer your business competitive prices on the latest technology with tailor made packages to suit individual requirements   
Our ultimate aim is to provide quality at affordable prices and a standard of customer service which achieves proffesionalism at every level


Refax Systems are suppliers of a wide range of products including computers, photocopiers, faxes, printers and telecommunications from leading manufacturers. As approved suppliers for both Canon and Minolta Refax specialise in their products. In addition to these specialisations Refax can also provide a range of products from other reputable companies such as Sony, Agfa, Epson, Oki and Panasonic. This variety enables us to offer your business with the latest technology and tailor made solutions at the most competitive prices. Please see our products page for further information.


All maintenance and customer support is delivered by an efficient and dedicated team of engineers who are carefully selected and continually monitored to ensure their standards, service and commitment to customer care, match those demanded by Refax. For more information on the range of servicing options that Refax provide please contact us at the address below, or alternatively telephone our sales office on 01689 878 182