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MondeVert Bags

 We have nature`s seal of approval...

MondeVert means‘Green Planet’. (Not literally green..You know what we mean.)

Many of you are putting that extra effort into trying to be nicer to the environment, and well done to you! 

We, at MondeVert believe we can all do our bit. Our mission is to make the use of disposable plastic carrier bags as obsolete as possible.Think it might be hard,well you are right. In UK, we use over 9 billion plastic bags every year; they have become part of our everyday lives but sadly most ofthese end up in land fills, water ways and natural habitats. If plastic is sodestructive to the environment, why not make the bags out of natural material..? MondeVert Bags are exactly that, bags made entirely out of cotton,no harmful chemicals involved and fast degradability.

MondeVertbags are made to custom measure, can be plain or have your logos or words of wisdom printed on.

Our team works hard to give you the best prices without compromising on quality. The bags are strong and sturdy and can carry almost any groceries; they will definitely not tear up as do a lot of plastic bags under big loads. But the bags are also flexible enough to be folded and kept conveniently in your pocket or handbag.

Visit our catalogue to look at some of the bags we have already offered to customers. Remember that you decide what design and natural material you want your bag to be made with and we`ll do the rest.