RGen Power Limited 


What makes our bags special?
   You are dealing directlywith the manufacturer and have more control on your products.
  All our bags are manufactured to excellent quality.
  All our bags are made with no use of chemicals and materials dangerous to the environment, even our inks are vegetable based.
  You can expect excellent friendly service and the most competitive prices on the market.
   We offer custom-madebags.

What are our work ethics?
   We offer a friendly working environment for our workers.
  We employ both men and women, and support women`s right to work.
   We condemn child labour.

Where is our factory?
Our factory is based in Dhaka and we source all our materials from Bangladesh itself.

 Who are and where arethe customers?
MondeVert can ship to any port in any country but  will only provide CIF services, unless to-door delivery is agreed at our discretion.  How much volume of orders per day/week/month?
Estimated current production capacity is 100,000bags per month, which averages to 25,000 bags per week. Production time of anorder can only be given more accurately upon confirmation of an order.

What is the l And how long doesshipment takes?
Lead time of goods in transit depends on the typeof shipment used.

Airfreight takes about 5-12 days and cost more than seafreight.

Sea freight takes about 4-5 weeks

Bulk Courier services take about 5-6 days,but do cost more (for small quantities, this option often works out cheaperthan the other two. We'll be happy to work out the best options for thecustomer). Most clients prefer this option because these people take care ofcustoms and all import formalities and bring your shipment to your doorstep foryou. We use international courier companies like UPS, FedEx or TNT to ship ourbags.

How much does shipment cost?
Shipping charges depend upon the mode used and the weight/volume of the order.We will be pleased to provide quotes on per job basis. Please provide us asmuch detail as possible so that we can quote accurately.

How will customers order? i.e. in what minimum quantities?
Wholesale prices are broken in 500, 1000, 5000,10000, 50000. We do not have a strict minimum quantity, but would prefer ordersabove 250 bags. Remember that the bigger the order quantity, the less theoverall shipment cost.

Can I view obtain a sample bag before placing an order?
Of course you can! Wewill be happy to send you a sample of our bags. We do not charge you for the bag but we do request that the customer contributes towards the delivery charges. Can I cancel an order?
Orders can be cancelled at any time with the written approval from MondeVertand after payment is arranged for work already complete.

What about returns?
All our bags are made to custom measure and therefore are not returnable.

What are your terms and payment options?
We undertake custom jobs involving printing and hence require prepayment infull via Bank Transfer. Please contact us for more information.

How do I place an order?

Email us at admin@rgen-power.com.
As mentioned earlier, we advise that you approvefinal samples before production. We will be happy to provide the pictures ordigital mock-ups of the final printed bag.

We cannot guaranteeexact shade, color, size, weight, texture or construction of finished goods.Material and handles not guaranteed to be colorfast.

Have more questions
Please get in touch if you need more information and we will be happy to help.