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Welcome to the latest ProClass Newsletter!

Happy New Year to all our readers! Now we are in the New Year we are releasing the new version of ProClass - ProClass vC10.1 in accordance with the Service Level Agreement. The changes come from suggestions entered through the forum, as well as headings found to be needed during the now completed Capital Ambition Project. Look on the ProClass Website for the latest version Please forward this newsletter to any of your colleagues who may be interested in ProClass.

New mappings to CPV and OGC PSPES are now available to be downloaded from the ProClass Website, Please see New Mappings below.

Version Control & Release

The latest version has been released by the ProClass Management Board on 23rd February 2010. Please note that for authorities to get all the benefits from ProClass it is very important that only the official version of ProClass is used and local versions are not created as these are not supported. For the same reason it is also important that data is reclassified to the latest version of ProClass as soon as possible so as not to run the risk of using outdated information.

Changes in Version C10.1

There were fairly big changes in vC9.1 as it involved moving quite a few 'Consultancy' headings to more specific locations throughout ProClass, as the main emphasis of ProClass is to classify what is purchased, not who provided it, or which budget paid for it. The changes in C10.1 are less disruptive and are mainly additions. The three biggest changes are to the following top levels:

‘Leisure’this is changed to ‘Art & Leisure,’ which unfortunately means that it has to be moved to stay in alphabetical order (Leisure & Art just doesn’t sound right!).
‘Environmental Services’a new second level of ‘Animal Services’ with some third level headings needs to be added
‘Furniture’‘Soft Furnishings’ was also missing, this is added to create a new top level of ‘Furniture & Soft Furnishings’

There are various other additions, plus a few deletions of headings that do not appear to have any relevance. For instance under ‘Works’ it seems sensible to combine ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Repair’ rather than having them as two separate headings. This entails adding Repair to Maintenance to become ‘Maintenance & Repair’ and deleting the ‘Repair’ heading.

New numbers have only been added to new headings, existing headings that are moved will retain their current numbers. Numbers for deleted headings will not be reused; new headings will be allocated numbers as close as possible to their situation. This will mean that the numerics will not follow any order but will provide a good and easy computer mapping from vC9.1 to vC10.1

New Emergency Services Headings

This separate module has been modified to include some new Fire & Rescue Service headings, otherwise it is unchanged. For users unfamiliar with this module it was added last year. It is meant to cover ‘Emergency Services’ only headings which are not be required by the majority of ProClass users. It was therefore decided that rather than add these special headings to the main classification, it would be more appropriate to have them as a special Emergency Services (ES) Module. This module can be downloaded from the ProClass website:

New Mappings - OGC PSPES and CPV 2008

The mappings section of the website now also covers the latest version of OGC PSPES and the European Common Procurement Vocabulary 2008 (CPV) which was released last year. Please note all mappings are ‘best fit’ and sometimes have one heading of ProClass mapped to several of the other systems and vice versa. This means that some human intervention is occasionally needed when performing a computer mapping exercise.

ProClass Website

The ProClass website was very busy last year with a total of 1220 unique visitors accessing 3213 sessions. This year there have been 112 unique visitors by the third week of January 2010. The website is always the best source for the latest version of ProClass as well as previous versions. It also contains interesting case studies with guidance on how to implement ProClass. Mappings to other hierarchies are downloadable and you can join the ProClass Forum. New for 2010 will be an easier way of seeing proposed additions and changes attached to the main menu.

Join the Forum

The Forum keeps everyone up to date with version releases and is the place where changes or additions are proposed and discussed. To register as a forum user, go to the ProClass website, then to the Forum and click on Register. After accepting the rules choose a Username and password, then enter all the other details required, plus what notifications you require, then click on Register. Once accepted you are able to ask questions about ProClass, suggest changes or additions and take part in all the discussions on other people’s suggestions. There are other areas for asking general questions concerning other procurement coding and classifications and even non coding areas. Please use the forum to make and discuss changes or send them to: everyone’s views are important.

ProClass Training Seminars

Training seminars are available to all authorities. These seminars will help attendees to:

  • Use ProClass properly and have confidence that it is the right choice
  • Hear about authorities which have tested and proven ProClass and its recommended methodologies
  • Learn how to use ProClass to support corporate goals of effective collaboration, improved shared services and realistic business case development
  • Understand the opportunities to influence and benefit from the ProClass community
  • Network with other authorities who are trying to achieve the same things
If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend one of these seminars, please approach your RIEP and suggest to them that they organise one for their authorities. Alternatively collaborate with a few other authorities and arrange one yourselves. Please contact Terry Ashmore at CIL if you wish to arrange a seminar.


Every attendee of the seminars is provided with a Toolkit. This includes FAQs, case studies, guides to both Real Time and Retrospective implementation and a CD with the ProClass Classification. The Toolkit information is also downloadable from the ProClass website:

Supported and sponsored by the RIEPS

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact:
Terry Ashmore at CIL on +44(0)23 80 554 111

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