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Cam Gear Pulley's Verniers Fidanza
Verniers are used to adjust the intake and exhaust timing to optimise torque and power. 
Evo Cams Evo 4-9 BC 272's
272 Cams, Plug and play application. Short duration for nice street manners, slight lope at idle. Excellent all purpose spec.OEM spring OKBillet Cams, 272 Duration.272°/272° 206°/206° .415/.388 10.54mm/9.86mm 
Evo Cams Evo 4-9 BC 280's Stage 3
Race Spec 280 Cams.Race SpecificationLonger duration profile, added rpm potential. Intended for fully built engine. Tuning and ECU mods recommended.280°/280° 218°/216° .425/.408 10.80mm/10.36mm 
Evo Cams Evo 4-9 BC 288's Stage 4
Full Race Specification 288 Cams, Giant lift profile intended for those looking to achieve huge power numbers at high rpm. Requires extensive tuning and modifications. 
Evo injectors RC 750cc Injectors
Flow Rate - CC's: 750 CC's / MIN @ 43.5 PSI 
Evo ods Forged Evo 1-10
EVO 1-10, Ultra Strong Rods proven on the track to withstand 1000bhp+. Uses premium ARP2000 
Evo Pistons CP Forged EVO I-X
CP are regarded as one of the most innovative technologically advanced piston manufacturers in the business. We have stock pistons for 85mm, 85.5mm and 86mm. 
Evo Pistons CP X-Forged Ultra light and Strong
The X-Forged pistons are both lighter and stronger than conventional pot pistons. 85mm, 85.5mm and 86mm and 100mm stroker. 
Evo rods Extreme Duty Evo 4-9
4G63 Extreme duty Con-rods and bolts as used on our 2.4L and 2.6L Stroker kits. Proven to take 300bhp per rod, 1200bhp 
Evo Stroker Kit 2.6L 4G64
Stroker Kit consisting of custom Pistons, custom Rods and custom Billet crank. Proven in 1100bhp+ applications on the track 
Evo Turbo GT35R Garrett Turbochargers
The GT35R is a fast spooling potent Ball Bearing turbo that has proven itself reliable and brutally powerful on the track and drag circuit. Exhaust housings range from 0.63 up to 1.06. 
Exhaust Wrap Fiberglass Header Wrap 51mmx15M
Durable,tight woven, 100% Fiberglass-easy to install white thermo heat wrap.Rated to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit. Hand picked material for it's heat charateristics and flexibility makes wrapping headers much easier.Comes with 5 FREE,14long S/S zip tie 
GT30R Garrett Turbochargers
Garrett GT30R, Immensely fast spooling responsive turbo capable of 500bhp in the right combination. 
Oil Sandwich Plate
Oil Sandwich Plate M20x1.5, suitable for Oil Temp and pressure senders. 
RC 1000cc Injectors
RC 1000cc Injectors Flow Rate - 1000 CC's / MIN @ 43.5 PSI 
Springs and Titanium Retainers
Evo Springs Ti retainers Evo 4-9 
Stroker Kit 2.4L 4G63 Evo 4-9
Evo Stroker Kit consisting of custom Pistons, custom Rods and custom Billet crank. Proven in 800bhp+ applications on the track.