What do I need?

How do I set up OrderXchange

To set up Order Xchange™ you first of  all need your technical department to set up the necessary link to the @UK network of over 50,000 companies and organisations. For this they will need a 'ToolKit ' which provides all the necessary information and schemas. This is a one-off purchase of £300 plus VAT and you can purchase this if you click here

What is the OrderXchange toolkit?

The ToolKit should answer any questions that you may have, but you may also telephone support for any particular queries and issues they may have. The process of configuring your system will depend on your particular set-up but only involves creation of three web pages.

Are there additional charges?

There are no transaction charges, ever with @UK. We do however have to support the network through which your order and invoice messages will pass on a totally secure, '24 by 7' basis . We must also arrange to create links with any customers or prospects that you inform us about, that do not yet link to our network.

For this there is an annual  subscription,. This is the same cost however many customers you link to and however many thousands of orders you may receive and invoices you send this way, as the system grows. This is set* at £1,500  per annum subscribe here.

Setup and configuration to get your orderXchange integration working with customers there is a £ 3,000 setup charge.

That's all you need for the many benefits of Order Exchange™. See the home page for a summary of these.