OrderXchange FAQ

What does it cost?

@UK PLC charge £1,500 per year for an OrderXchange connection, and setup is normally £3,000 in the first year.  There is a tool kit for both Microsoft ASP and DotNet to make implementation easy for an additional £300.

How long should it take to implement?

Your developers only have 3 web pages to build to implement OrderXchange so it should be quick and easy… It does depend on the complexity of your website, but most developers take less than a week, and it can be as little as a day with the tool kit. We recommend a week for development and testing.

Where do we send our technical staff?

Go to the sbXp website which has all the detailed technical information.

What are the main benefits?

  1. Your customers can go directly to your website and still get the benefits of electronic purchasing. UNIQUE benefit.
  2. If you have multiple divisions you can build up a multi-merchant shopping basket and return it for authorisation. UNIQUE benefit.
  3. All of the standard electronic purchasing benefits from no misskeying of orders, the ablity to send back electronic invoices, and more customer information. i.e. Reduced costs of doing business, more accurate orders and invoices = quicker payment and more profit.

What do we need?

You need an ecommerce website that shows the correct prices for your different customers, and may need to show different ranges to different customers.  If you have this we can integrate with all major purchasing systems and marketplaces.

If you require an ecommerce website please contact us to find out how we can help.

What else do we get?

Listing of your products and services on the @UK PLC network of over 500 portals.

Integration into the @UK PLC network, and all buying organisations that use the network.

Integration into all major purchasing applications Capita Education SIMS, SAP, Oracle, SAGE, Agresso, Epicor, Radius, IDEA Marketplace, Lloyds BVP, BT Transact, Elcom PECOS (Scottish Executive), UK Procure, HEeP and any other system that supports Oracle, SAP or cXML protocols.

How do we go ahead?

Click here to purchase OrderXchange (£1,500) and click here for the toolkit (£300).

Order OrderXchange

Click here to purchase OrderXchange

OrderXchange toolkit

Click here to purchase the OrderXchange toolkit


Designed to make it easy for e-commerce and e-procurement applications to exchange shopping basket information in a simple and reliable manner.

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