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Your customers already use a huge variety of electronic systems and that is a real problem when you want all the benefits of a direct link to them- no paperwork, reduced errors, instant e-ordering and e invoicing etc. As 2005 approaches more and more public sector organisations are going online. The big corporates are now beginning to follow suit –since multi site, complex organisations can easily see the benefits of e-procurement.. Many clients are linking to systems provided by @UK -for example the @Schools system which links to Capita's SIMS-FMS ™ software used by around 20,000 schools or to specific '@County' portals. Others may have 'resident' computer systems from SAP, Oracle or other major players with e-procurement software that they want to connect directly to their suppliers.

Order Xchange™ can allow you to connect to any customer system
. With over 10 year's experience in different hardware and software combinations; we can 'map' your existing ecommerce site onto all the various buyer formats. (We also support the Ariba cXML format punch out if you prefer to operate this way.)

Below is a simple diagram showing how all the various electronic messages flow back and forth as your customers either :

  1. Begin their purchasing session in their own application and then come out to your site to selects goods and services or
  2. Come to your site, select the goods or services they need and need this information to be fed back into their procurement system for approval.

Once you have Order Xchange™ functionality this of course becomes a major selling tool .Go to your public sector and larger customers and prospects. Let them know you have it. You will find that many organisations extremely interested –in some cases our clients have gained immediate business as a result worth many thousands of pounds. At the very minimum you will secure existing trade you may otherwise have lost.

Message flows of OrderXchange
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Below is a slightly more detailed overview of how the Order Xchange™ process will work in conjunction with your Website and your back end system. Please note that this diagram uses www.schools.plc.uk as an example supplier portal.

Detailed process flow of OrderXchange

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