Order XChange - the alternative to PunchOut technology 

Order Xchange™ is a revolutionary new approach to e-commerce. Now your company can support your own website brand, yet also gain and hold sales into public bodies such as schools, hospitals and councils, plus large companies - as they all move to e-procurement.

What you want is a solution that will allow customers to come to your trading website , select the goods or services they require and for that proposed order to then pass into their own electronic approval system-whatever the customers system format happens to be. Those confirmed orders must then pass back to you in the same way, with re-translation to your own format.

Because @UK PLC has been many years developing connectivity solutions for all sizes of organisation that is precisely what we have created. .This process of exchanging orders from your system to your customer’s procurement systems has after millennia of research been called “Order Xchange™”. ( For the more technical amongst us, the computer protocol that supports the process is called “Shopping Basket Xchange Protocol”, SBXP™ and there is special technical site).

Linking to the OrderXchange™ network means that you will get back accurate, properly structured orders from customers that will be easy and cheap to fulfil, and which you can then e-invoice and get paid for in full with no queries. Directing customers to your website also means that you can offer them a range of tailored promotions, extra item information and other functionality that makes you their guaranteed first destination. You will be able to keep your website address on your literature, your vans and your products, but offer customers the advantage of electronic procurement.-especially the public sector ones for whom it will soon be mandatory, so you cannot afford to miss out