I am excited and pleased to present to you the launch of our new and improved web site. The added functionality of our web site follows our strategy of continuous improvement and proactively responding to current and future market trends. This web site gives you the ability to request for order and proofs of delivery, track up to 10 shipments simultaneously and to request valuable management reports, right from your desktop.

Why did I decide to get into the car business? And why the Studebaker brand name…

  Sometime in the spring of 2005, my son Kayne Ifeoluwa Onasanya, who was about six years old at the time, was riding in the back seat of my car and said something quite profound to me. He said, “Daddy, what are you going to do to help save the world?” (interesting question, I thought, coming from a six year old). It seem Kayne and mommy had watched a TV show about auto pollution, and Kayne was having a hard time thinking about how the Ozone Layer was tearing and the sun was going to destroy all life unless his daddy did something to stop this. He also told me that when He grows up there would be no more air to breath unless I did something to solve that problem too, (guess he really puts a lot of stock in his daddy). What I did next was call Tom Raines, and the rest is history.

Onasanya Automart  Plc took this step in recognition of the increasing demand for the availability of information for just in time of order and shipments.

The launch of this web site is complemented by location of three of our main terminals, namely London UK  and  Lagos ,Ibadan Nigeria . These moves were necessary to enhance our current service.As President and CEO  of this company, my commitment to you is that we will continue to invest in all areas of business to better serve you. Please check back on this page regularly to obtain news about Onasanya Automart Plc enhancements put in place for you.

If you haven’t read the Overview page yet, please do so, as it briefly explains my plans to make scooters in Step One, then progress to the Onasanya Motor Plc Lark in Steps Two and Three, followed by the Hawk, President and Champ in Steps Four and Five. If you have comments or ideas that Onasanya Automart  Plc may benefit from, contact president@onasanyaautomart.com or sales@onasanyaautomart.com

Adetokunbo Adedayo Adetolu . Onasanya
President, CEO & Chairman
Onasanya Automobile Plc.
7155 Newton Street, suite 4, Westminster, Colorado 80030  U.S.A
46 Chilmark Road , London SW165HB England , UK
Jazz 33 Opp Lekki Market , Ajah Expressway , Eti Osa Local Lagos Nigeria
Onasanya Automobile Plc , Opp Trinity College , Oke Ado Ibadan Nigeria

ONASANYA AUTOMOBILE  PLC, 'A Time Honored Name, A New Company for the Future'