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FPS 9200 - The Highest Resolution Display subsystem in the world

Now available in the UK - these 9.2 MILLION PIXELS subsystems have to been seen to believed.

Contact Mondale IT Solutions for pricing - to arrange a FREE no obligation demonstration call 01635 281 888 or email.. send me more information on the FPS 9200

The FPS 9200 product offers the highest resolution (3840 x 2400) of any digital flat panel currently available IN THE WORLD TODAY. The system offers....
  • 9.2 M Pixels
  • Highest Resolution available - 3840 x 2400
  • 22.2 inch LCD display
  • Native 16M Colours
  • Windows 2000, LINUX and Solaris Compatible
  • Fully end-to-end digital subsystem
  • DVI Interface
  • Bits per pixel 8, 24, 8 + 24 (software configurable)
The monitor packs FOUR TIMES as many pixels into every square inch of its viewable area, allowing images to be displayed with incredible detail and clarity.

It's advanced TFT LCD technology offers brilliant colours and allows users to view the screen over nearly 180 degrees. Combine this amazing quality with the versatility of displaying resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 3840 x 2400, and you have an unbeatable solution for any situation.

The Raptor 9200 FPS is available on Sun Microsystems platform and supports both 8-bit and 24-bit depths simultaneously. It is best suited for CAD, high-end graphics editing, video editing, and medical imaging, where high fidelity in graphics or images is extremely important. This subsystem can display 4 times the information of a regular monitor.

The Raptor 9200 FPS is a complete end-to-end digital display subsystem. Comprised of a custom built PCI graphics card that incorporates advanced Tech Source ASIC technology, a 9.2 MegaPixel ultra-high resolution colour LCD display (and can run on Linux). With its high-contrast, high-brightness and 16.9 million colours the Raptor 9200 FPS provides a near photo quality display.

Significantly more information can be displayed on the 9200, in a much more readable form, than is achievable through other methods. Thus making it the ideal solution for very high resolution imaging applications, such as geophysical mapping, satellite and medical imaging.


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FPS 9200Highest Res. Monitor in the world - see link above for PDF  Merchant: MITS9200
Manufacturer: Techsource
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