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Abimbola, Kola (2006). Yoruba Culture: A Philosophical Account

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A unique reassaertion of the theoretical and practical foundations of one of the most remarkable international cultures on the face of the earth.” - Professor Barry Hallen, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA.

“The book will certainly generate new conversation on many issues of interest to scholars and to to the general reader.” - Professor Jacob K. Olupona, UC Davis, CA

- Foreword by John Pemberton III, Crosby Professor of Religion, Emeritus, Amherst College, MA

Chapter 1 Introduction - 1.1. Where is Africa? 1.2. The Study of Yoruba Culture. Chapter 2 The Yoruba - 2.1. Locations, Populations and Culture; 2.2. From Africa to the New World. Chapter 3 The Yoruba Cosmos - 3.1. Ifa and Yoruba Culture; 3.2. Gods and Anti-Gods; 3.3. Olodumare and Yoruba Theology. Chapter 4 Yoruba Medicine - 4.1. The Yoruba Conception of Arun (Illness); 4.2. The Role of Sonponna (Obaluaye); 4.3. Some Implications of Yoruba Medicine. Chapter 5 The Value of Practical Beliefs - 5.1. Culture as Communal Practices; 5.2. Culture as Individual Beliefs; 5.3. Practical Beliefs (or the Culture Within). Appendices - Yoruba Text of Translated Ifa Poems; A Yoruba Prayer; Glossary of Major Yoruba Divinities

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Abimbola, Kola (2006). Yoruba Culture: A Philosophical Account
An engaging introduction to one of the most intriguing cultures of contemporary society 
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