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The pool at Bristol Royal Marriott.          Sport Education Swim School is an approved Amateur Swimming Association Swim School and a member of the Institute of Swimming.The Swim School operates at various centres across the region. These centres cater for all abilities and vary in depth and pool size. Here class sizes are limited to five children and are quite often smaller. We also cater for private 1 to 1 lessons.We are proud to help coach swimmers with disabilities such as Cerebal Palsy etc.T src=he pool at Thistle Hotel Otium Spa  src=Bristol.         The pool at Kingswood Independant School.         Our centres are: TheThistle Hotel Bristol City centre, The Marriott Royal Bristol City Centre,Barley Close Primary School Mangotsfield, Bristol. St. Annes Primary School Oldland Common, Bristol. Kingswood Independant School Lansdown, Bath. The Hilton Hotel, Aztec West, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, The Sheiling School, Thornbury and Tockington Manor Independant School, Tockington. src= The pool at Tockington Manor School.The pool at The Hilton Hotel Living Well Spa.         The pool at The Sheiling School Thornbury.          The pool at Barley                                                                   THE NEW NATIONAL PLAN FOR TEACHING SWIMMING.The     Amateur Swimming Association (A.S.A) as a part of ongoing improvement has revised the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS). Resulting in a product that keeps pace with the needs of the sport.The revised NPTS takes the non-swimmer on a journey, from the first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water.All our teachers are A.S.A qualified and CRB checked. They regularly attend seminars and conferences to keep their teaching skills up to date.All classes are of 30 minute duration..Courses normally run for 12 weeks during school term time. WE GUARANTEE YOUR SPACE TERMLY.Enrolment for the following term will take place for one week only, approximately two weeks before the end of the current course. At the end of enrolment week should you have not reserved your space it will be presumed it is no longer required and offered to existing or new clients. PRE SCHOOL LESSONS (ASA DUCKLING AWARDS)For children aged from the age of 18 months. Your child is accompanied in the water by a qualified A.S.A. teacher, whilst you watch from the poolside. The lessons are structured with the aid of toys, games and songs working towards ASA Duckling Awards.BEGINNER (STAGE 1-3)For children that have achieved Duckling Awards and and are working on the key fundamental areas of their swimming developments in these inital stages.For children aged from the age of 18 months. Your child is accompanied in the water by a qualified A.S.A. teacher, whilst you watch from the poolside. NTERMEDIATE (STAGES 4 - 5)For children who have grasped the fundamentals and are working on stroke technique excelling in one stroke to an ASA standard. Your child is accompanied in the water by a qualified A.S.A. teacher, whilst you watch from the poolside.IMPROVER (STAGES 6 - 7)For children who have acomplished good stroke technique in all four strokes and are working towards an understanding of starts / dives / turns and personal survival.ADVANCED CLASSESCompetitive Swimming (STAGES 8 - 10)For children who would like to progress towards a club enviroment and to gain an insight into timed swims and the introduction of the pace clock. Different training drills to excel in technique and to improve skill,stamina,speed and endurance!Water PoloFor children who would like to progress towards a Water Polo Club enviroment and gain an understanding into this thrilling sport. Working towards the technical aspects of the game the rules, skills anf fitness involved!AquaFunFor children who would like to progress towards a Synchronized Swimming Club enviroment. This is great fun, very technical and highly skilled -swimming with music!Rookie LifeguardFor children who would like to progress towards becoming an NPLQ qualified lifeguard. This is both fun and hard work learning key survival skills and emergency first aid procedures! ADULT CLASSESWe hold lessons for for all abilities from the non - swimmer to the tri - athlete looking to improve stoke technique and increase speed, skill, stamina and endurance. src=         Instructor Kate Smith Silver Medalist 400m Freesyle 2008 World Masters Australia src=       ere