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Fusion Pro


The first fully integrated racing system for perfect flex harmonization of ski and binding. Fusion Pro enables a more dynamic performance from edge to edge with faster turn execution and acceleration. The edge hold in the tail of the ski is more aggressive, underlining true racing performance.


A new generation of integrated racing systems


Fusion Pro Formula:

integration = progressive flex + power transmission = racing performance


Performance requirements for race systems:


  1. Perfect harmonization of ski and binding
    optimized adaptation of ski flex and system flex
  2. Direct response from tail
    progressive flex ensured by a free flex glider in the toe piece and surge of force from the forward pressure spring in the binding’s heelpiece
  3. Ultimate power transmission
    optimum power transmission enabled by a rigid metal chassis in the toe area as well as world cup proven rigid metal stringers and inserts in the heelpiece



  1. Best possible harmonization between ski and system flex
  2. More dynamic from edge to edge
  3. Faster turn execution and acceleration
  4. More aggressive edge grip in the tail


Skis with Fusion pro technology









The first truly integrated ski binding system. The binding is fixed onto the ski by two freegliding plates and can float naturally during the ski flex of the ski. The Fusion system transmits the skier’s energy where it is most needed: directly inside the ski enabling effortless edge hold and smooth turning.


integration = ski flex + power transmission = performance






Advantages of the Fusion System:


True Integration.

Fusion is the first truly integrated ski binding system. With this intraglide system, Elan brings the binding system into the ski, not onto the ski.


Free Ski Flex. 

The binding is fixed into the ski by two free gliding plates which are connected to the ski at one middle point. This allows the binding to float naturally during the flex of the ski.


Direct, precise power transmission.

By integrating a rigid intraglide metal chassis into the ski, the Fusion System transmits the skier’s energy where it is needed most: directly inside the ski.


Fusion is the only system designed specifically to meet every target group.


  1. Fusion Pro: progressive flex for racing oriented skiers.
  2. Fusion Performance: added value on all-round and all terrain series. Its main feature is a fully free flex, meaning well-balanced edge grip and smooth turning.
  3. Fusion Lady: the binding system is positioned more toward the ski tips due to the fact that women have a different body construction and skiing position to men. The result is effortless and easy turn initiation.


Elan has also upgraded the Fusion System by offering enlarged and precise boot sole micro-adjustments between 265 – 360 mm.


Skis with Fusion System:

S12, S10, S08

Magfire 12, Magfire 10, Magfire 8

A08, A06

My Spice, Black Pearl, White Pearl, Silver Magic, Steel Magic




Sidewall technologies


Racing sidewall (RST)

Vertical sidewalls for maximum edge hold along the full length of the ski and direct power transmission to the edges at high speed. The World Cup proven technology is the ultimate choice for powerful and aggressive skiers.


Advanced sidewall (AST)

A combination of three different sidewall constructions – vertical (90°), angled (60°), and Monoblock construction in this high performance series of skis. Offering a perfect combination of power transmission from tip to tail, from the beginning of the turn right through to the end.


Partial sidewall (PST)

A sidewall construction under the plate area specially tailored for recreational skiers. Perfect for skiers looking for easy maneuverable skis that don’t want to sacrifice edge control when most needed, icy and challenging slopes included.


Monoblock Technology

A unique Elan construction. Upper load bearing laminates meet lower load bearing laminates in the assembly process. The result is a self-bearing monoblock shell around the core, optimizing the power transmission to the edges and offering high levels of torsional stability.