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E-Qube Products Ltd

E-Qube Products Ltd is delighted to announce that agreement has been reached with Agenta Marketing (Educational Toy Specialists) who will have sole rights to supply an improved E-Qube game in 2008

'Stories told with feeling can be the Golden Thread that binds people together'

'My teenage sons,my father and I were playing with a wooden dice game I'd made when we had a few spare minutes after a meal one Sunday. The word LOVE came up and they laughed cheekily and declared that they'd never felt loved. After I'd recovered from a brief period of parental shock and indignation we had a laugh and went on to talk about what love was all about in a romantic, family and society setting. It was fun but powerful and meaningful. I knew then that E-Qube was a good product and set out to develop what you see here.'

Dr Peter Nightingale

E-Qube Products Ltd is a family run company that has designed and developed the high quality hand-made E-Qube wooden dice games. Each underlined word on this site is a carefully selected link which I hope will be interesting and informative and explain the background to this product.

Playing with E-Qubes is easy and simple, but can give hours of fun, with each game providing new opportunites for interesting, stimulating,funny and often enlightening discussion. The duration of each game is totally in your control. E-Qubes can help develop emotional literacy in your children (or student/group) which will help them deal with the triumphs and disasters of life.

When you own an E-Qube you possess an enjoyable way of helping all people develop their EQ (emotional intelligence) which some say matters more than IQ in determining future success and happiness. The game design is based on the idea that human beings throughout history have experienced pleasure from playing games and storytelling. Doctors have also come to understand the value of stories or Narrative Based Medicine as a means of helping people. A simple yet sophisticated guide booklet accompanies the E-Qubes, containing concise advice on playing the games based on the directors medical, educational and parenting experience.

All this is available to you for just £9.95 ;plus P+P, please go to A-Z item list 

A recent UNICEF report suggested that there is a need to improve the way we nurture British children. Experts in child welfare writing in the Daily Telegraph in September 2006 believe that children need ‘real play with significant adults in their lives’. The British Medical Journal the same month presented evidence that weekly stimulatory play with parents resulted in long term improvements in children’s cognitive development, enhanced emotional well-being, and fewer problems with attention in adolescence. 

E-Qube games are not designed for therapy, but some of the ideas come from the proven 'talking treatment' CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and the powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), popularised by the books of Paul McKenna. Our unique links between emotions, thoughts and behaviour can be explored. We feel all people have the right to benefit from some of these strategies and perhaps learn tools that may help them manage their lives in a positive and effective manner. The aim is to allow your family or group to experience playing together and sharing more of the value of storytelling during good times in their lives. This may have the effect of equipping them with skills to deal with bad times, but the idea of playing is to have fun.

The designers vision is that in the next century E-Qubes will be identified as one product that recognised the impact of changes in modern family structures, and equipped parents and carers with a simple tool to do something about it.

The original E-Qube is currently hand made in Morecambe at the Making Space Employment Link which assists peolpe with severe and enduring mental health problems. This product will be manufactured from renewable Ash using pyrographic techiniques for the wording and finished with an aromatic oil. Each will be unique so may vary slightly in appearance from the illustration. In future we hope E-Qubes hand carved in Malawi will become available. Recycled or renewable materials are used whenever possible.The E in E-Qube stands for not only Emotional, but Educational, Environmantal and Ethical Enterprise.