Dignity Health   

Visifirm Instant Firm Serum + Visifirm Intensive Cell Therapy

Smooth away Wrinkles...
with the VISIFIRM™ Two Step Wrinkle Reduction System!

Step 1 (AM): VISIFIRM™ Instant Firm Serum is the first step in fighting wrinkles and fine lines. In the morning, apply a thin layer to desired areas on your face, and then allow a few minutes for Visifirm to lift and firm before applying moisturizer or cosmetics. You will notice the difference from day one.

Step 2 (PM): VISIFIRM™ Intensive Cell Therapy is the second step, providing long-term reduction of deep wrinkles and lines. At night time, massage a small amount over face and neck area. Deep wrinkles will begin to lessen within a few weeks and your skin tone will continually improve.



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