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Case Studies 2

Below you will find examples of how we have done it with previous clients -

Chelsea & Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust
North West London Confederation Procurement Hub:
St. James Hospital, Dublin:

North West London Confederation Procurement Hub

This same method is currently being used for NWLCPH in conjunction with Spikes Cavell, who is putting the data into an easily searchable database showing cheapest supplier for products purchased. The NWLCPH is a consortium of 18 Trusts; initially the 6 largest have signed a two-year agreement with CIL and Spikes Cavell to provide them with good procurement information on what they are purchasing and a database of supplier information. Some of the trusts have some good procurement information, some have none, and there is no current way of sharing information or prices.

The project steps are as follows:

  1. The Finance Department of each trust was asked to provide a list from the Accounts Payable (AP) ledger of total amounts paid over the last year to suppliers (if possible) with contact details.

  2. This enabled identification of the suppliers with which most was spent.

  3. CIL are contacting these suppliers to request a list of what was supplied to these trusts and asking for a fixed price to apply to all trusts.

  4. On receipt of this list the products or services are being given a standardized description and are NSV coded.

  5. Spreadsheet with this list of codes and prices is created and passed to Spikes Cavell, who is populating a new database with this information in their Observatory website. This will allow an easy look-up of these prices for the participating trusts.

  6. The next step is to send a new list of all items purchased to relevant suppliers asking them to provide new prices for these items, many of which they will not have supplied before.

  7. These new prices will continue to be fed into the Observatory.

  8. Later all these items will be put out in a joint tender on behalf of the NWLCPH.

  9. It is anticipated a minimum of £1m will be saved per annum for each trust.

This full service is mainly for departments where they want/need to save money. Although some Procurement Directors will be keen to implement the full coding when they have learned of the benefits, the Finance Directors could be the best target, as they will be under pressure to create savings, whilst it is the Supplies department that will have to do the work.