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Classification For Buying Organisations

Coding and classification have subtle differences, while a code can identify a specific product as a "RECT"angular desk, with drawers and specific size, a classification is less detailed, showing just a desk. Product classification there has limited benefits over product coding however classification can still bring savings.

National Supply Vocabulary (NSV)

NSV is the only system to drill down to item level so therefore the process starts with giving a standardized generic description to the product or service to be purchased. To prevent duplications and maintain the integrity of the database, descriptions are created accurately and uniformly.

We are Uk specialists in NSV Classification and are happy to work with your organisation to determine and implement a classification system which will achieve cahsable savings.

NSV Classification

The NSV Classification is made up from 3 alphas, starting are 26 sections, A to Z, although section D is reserved exclusively for pharmaceuticals and is available as a separate database and computer system. The main headings are financially based on different types of budgets found in any large organization. Each section can have as many as 26 groups, each of which can contain up to 26 subgroups, although so far this has not been necessary.

As the NSV code is generic and refers to specific items or services, it is at this level where all other codes or classifications can be cross-referenced accurately

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