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Cambridge Asphalte

Roofing Specialists

With a Cambridge presence since the 1930's, Cambridge Asphalte is one of today's top mastic asphalt producers of British Standard Materials in the country, and a national installer of waterproofing systems.

Prevention of moisture penetration is a challenge for the designer and contractor. As a major installer, Cambridge Asphalte is able to provide customers with a complete service, from selecting the most appropriate system, to resolving the design requirements and installation.

From its more traditional roles, Cambridge Asphalte has moved into the 21st Century with the development of polymer based products and single ply applications, giving a flexibility and variety not possible in the past. Asphalt, with its proven longevity, is still a major system installed by Cambridge Asphalte. Roofing, paving, tanking and flooring - with its jointless, fast track, application - provide opportunities for the Company nationwide.

With Growth of the high performance felt and single ply markets, Cambridge Asphalte's highly trained workforce are installing roofs, gas membranes and bridge decks across the country.

Concerned to maintain standards in the industry, Cambridge Asphalte is an Approved Contractor for many of the leading manufacturers, including:

Alkor Draka                Trocal

Sika                              Pure Asphalt

Polisystem TPO        Ruberiod

Permaquick                Lanely

Derbigum                    Waterproofing

Permanite                    Liquid Plastics

Cambridge Asphalte is also an Active Member of the following organisations:

Mastic Asphalt Council
Confederation of Roofing Contractors
Flat Roofing Alliance
Single Ply Roofing Association
Construction Industry Training Board