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A Birds Eye view of the Birds in your garden!

Be delighted when you watch feeding time in the comfort of your own home - in full colour and amazing detail.

We are now sending orders throughout the UK using Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery.

We sell Bird Feeders with internal miniature wireless cameras, with receivers which connect to a PC or TV / Video. There are no wires from the Bird Feeder back to your PC or TV.

You can simply plug the equipment into your PC (using USB connector) or Television or video recorder (using AV connectors) and watch Colour, close up, live pictures with sound, in the comfort of your own home. Record the pictures on your PC or video recorder for future viewing and really impress your friends or club members.The Bird Feeder is a purpose built, robust acrylic feeder, with an insert attachment with a wireless camera attached. Attached to the camera is a rechargeable battery, which can last for over 8 hours. The camera and battery are easily removed to allow the feeder to be cleaned or to fill with more bird seed.

This combination of Miniature Wireless Camera and Rechargeable Battery is key to the success of this product and will give you endless hours of enjoyment with the flexibility of a product that you can move around your garden.

Click on the images below to view birds at Feeding Time!!

(You will need Microsoft Media Player or equivalent to view the files which are all between 1.5 and 2.5 MB)

From a design point of view the acrylic allows us to produce a modern and high quality bird feeder, which still integrates seamlessly with whatever setting it is used in, due to its transparency allowing it a certain degree of invisibility and ergonomic style.

The video pictures and sound will give you fascinating colour pictures and sound on your PC or Television and give you clear visibility of the different birds visiting your garden. The product can be used in a teaching environment, spotting male, female or juvenile colours or even watching the birds changing colour during the seasons.

Of course, just watching your very own garden birds in the comfort of your own home is as theraputic and relaxing for all those interested in wildlife!

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