Bird Feed View 

About Us

Bird Feed View Limited is Registered in Scotland.We have been working on Bird Feeder product proto-types since last year, testing out various designs of acrylic Bird Feeders and Cameras.

We are working on expanding the range, and have just released our our Premier Kit - a Bird Feeder with a wireless camera and receiver that will attach to a USB connection on a PC.

This will allow recording and editing of Video content, and the ability to use other PC tools to view and enhance the videos.

We are based in the West of Scotland and have been working with a local supplier, Dupuy Design of Kilwinning in Ayrshire to manufacture the Bird Feeder. All parts of the feeder have been specially manufactured to provide an effective product, from the seed compartment with easy to clean base, to the camera mounted insert and battery holder. We are proud of this uniquely designed and robust product, but despite the amount of effort and manufactured time and skill, we have kept our costs low, so that these products can be passed on to you at a very cost effective price.

We hope you will be delighted with our service, and would be pleased to have any comments on the products or service or ideas for enhancing any area of the business.

You can buy our products online - simply follow the instructions from the product page where you will be prompted for your name and address and we then use Worldpay payment provider engine to securely process your credit card details. Your details are protected and will never be passed to any other supplier.