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Introduction to eBIS-XML

New eBIS-XML v3.10

BASDA has now launched v3.10 of the eBIS-XML Standards.  These are now available to BASDA Members for initial use and evaluation before being made available. The full release will be available to members in December 2012.

This new release delivers significant scope to support integrated business in the 21st Century.  The scope of v3.10 has been extended to include the following document types, together with the batching capabilities:

• Orders, Order Response, Invoices & Credit Notes
• Extensions

o Utilities XML (developed with major Utility companies)
o Green XML
o Hire
o Temporary Staff

BASDA Members can obtain a copy of these new standards by sending a request to Lynne Wallis at BASDA: Lynne.Wallis@BASDA.org

 eBIS-XML Version 3.09

This is the BASDA eBIS-XML suite of messages for electronic business. eBIS-XML is BASDA's electronic business interchange standard in XML. The standard was first developed in 1999 and has been widely implemented since. The XML schemas provided to define the Standard are:

  • Order
  • Order Response
  • Invoice
  • Batch Envelope
  • Invoice Batch (Deprecated: opXML only) - This does not use the libraries
  • Core Structures (Component Library)
  • Core Types (Component Library)

Example derived schemas:

  • Order with mandatory preserve tags
  • Purchase order level 1
  • Commercial invoice level 1

These messages may be extended for various industry sectors. Version 3.09 introduced the eBIS-XML Component Library to make this more straightforward. For more information, refer to the derived schemas provided. Files available on this page have been formally released and are suitable for implementation.

Before downloading the suite

Read carefully the Terms and Conditions given in the BASDA Software Licence before downloading the BASDA eBIS-XML Suite. Downloading the Suite indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in that document and the end-user licence agreement associated with the BASDA eBIS-XML Standard. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, do not download the BASDA eBIS-XML Suite.

UK Gov

The eBIS-XML-UKGov standard for e-procurement provides an order and an invoice which are subsets of Core eBIS-XML. The UKGov schemas are defined in terms of the eBIS-XML Component Library, introduced with Core eBIS-XML version 3.09. The eBIS-XML-UKGov schemas meet the 'Vanilla' requirements for Central Civil Government e-procurement, developed by the Office of Government Commerce. Because they are dependent on core eBIS-XML, the UKGov schemas must be co-located with the main standard.

Download eBIS XML 3.09 Suite