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We specialise exclusively in research of the service record and personal background of soldiers who served in the British Army Regular Regiments, Home Based Militias and various other regiments raised from time to time in North America, India, Germany etc. Using specialist knowledge, our research will also establish whether your ancestor was present at any of the historic campaigns listed below and will frequently provide other incidental material towards a profile of the man.

Soldiers Records - PRO Kew 1760 to 1920
Service Records - Locations - Pensions Records-
Musters - Campaign Medals - Casualties

North Americas 1756+
Seven Years 1756-63
Revolution 1775-82
West Indies 1778-79
North America 1812-14

Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815
Revolutionary Wars 1793-1814
Egypt 1801
Peninsular Campaigns 1808-14
Waterloo 1815

Crimea War 1854/55
Alma 1854
Balaclava 1854
Inkerman 1854
Sevastapol 1854/55

Indian Wars 1780-1881
Mysore & Mahratta Wars
Burma Wars 1824-53
Afghanistan 1829-81
Indian Mutiny 1856

South Africa 1819-02
Kaffir etc 1819-87
Zulu War 1877-79
Boer Wars 1880-1902

African Campaigns 1873-1904
Ashantee 1873-1900
Egypt 1882-89
Africa 1887-1904

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