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In 2005 Airs Asbestos Ltd formed a joint venture with the Greek specialist waste shipping company Arvis Zimmerman, so as to utilize the expertise of both companies in their respective fields and to ensure that the most competitive tendering could be achieved.

The forming of this relationship led to Airs Asbestos being chosen for the asbestos removal contract at the ammunitions factory in Athens.

In 2006 the joint venture of Airs Asbestos Ltd, once again proved its flexibility for asbestos removal and disposal in Greece, by winning the contact for asbestos works in the regions of Thessaloniki, Polihini, Epanomi and Ampelokipi. The works involved the removal of asbestos containing materials from schools and kindergartens for the relevant local authorities.

The joint venture continues to grow with airs asbestos currently in negotiation on further contracts within Greece.




Airs Asbestos, in conjunction with a Cypriot Construction Company, successfully completed contacts on the SBA bases at Akrotiri.

The works involved the removal of asbestos insulation boards in the loft spaces to the armed forces accommodation; further contracts at Akrotiri involved the removal of asbestos containing soffits and fall pipes.

Airs Asbestos, also carried out asbestos removal works in Nicosia in the U.N protected zone