Ultimate Driver Technology 


Ultimate Driver Technology

AI Imaging: Click here to see How It's Done (single source or array/tailored flexure)

Our unique HD tailored flex single metal alloy diaphragm full-range driver - The culmination of extensive leading edge development by our colleague Ted Jordan, the most knowledgeable expertise in the field who literally wrote the book on loudspeaker driver design.

Unrivaled detail resolution and clarity throughout the frequency range giving realistic reproduction of voices, rhythms and complex music with full dynamics.

While most speaker manufacturers attempt to achieve a 'pure piston' effect, we accept that natural cone flexure is an important part of diaphragm function, as long as it is controlled correctly - and this is the challenge! ACOUSTIC Insight use innovative, advanced profiled, light metal foil technology (not to be confused with standard thicker metal drivers) to simply create an infinitely variable effective diaphragm area which complements the natural behavior of the speaker cone rather than trying to work against it.

Addressing these fundamentals delivers far superior sound quality than traditional methods and over an unprecedented bandwidth, effectively eliminating the normal distortion associated with multiple frequencies from a single cone. This in turn eliminates the need to segregate the sound into different drivers using crossover electronics and having to try and reintegrate it again. The long-throw/ultra-thin cone also gives impeccable dynamics and resolution. Achieved - a direct path to realism and music quality, that has to be heard!

This cutting edge technology also affords a near flat frequency response from 29Hz to 27KHz (-3 dB, Virtual Stage), with perfect integration across the frequency range and a finely adjustable top-end giving a sound to suit all rooms and tastes.

Vocals give an immediate and clear comparison – it is like the vocalist is in the room. The dynamics of rock are also handled impeccably, lending a new dimension to the quality. The fast transients of steel guitars, pianos and percussives are handled with awesome effect. The full intimacy and presence is all there, complete with every vocal articulation and nuance. There is no hint of any of the usual dry, distant, or telephone-like quality.

A single sound source optimised for stereo or multi-channel imaging

Holographic stereo imaging (virtual instruments in/beyond the room) is hard to achieve but has been clearly optimised here. The full-range drive unit gives a single sound source (or vertical line with supplementary HF switched in) and a specially optimised sound field, projected forward at the correct dispersion at all frequencies for unprecedented realism. This is a marked improvement on systems with dedicated point transducers that offer maximum treble dispersion so poor instrument localization due to room reflections and widely differing dispersion characteristics to the other drive unit(s).

The imaging from a correctly toed-in stereo pair of ACOUSTIC Insight speakers renders channel information approaching that of headphones. The soundstaging/realism far exceeds that of headphones, with clear imaging spanning and transcending the wall between the speakers, ahead of the listener.

In stereo or multi-channel listening every instrument is realistically placed according to the original recording and stays there, even when the listener moves within the listening area. The size, convenience of placement and excellent imaging enables full exploitation of the benefits of surround sound formats.

Extremely wide bandwidth spanning from 29Hz to 27KHz  (VS) – no need for a woofer or crossover components


Traditional 2 or 3 way systems use crossover components which alter the phase and degrade the sound quality and integrity. This is worst for 2-ways (the commonest design for monitors) where the crossover frequency is in or near the sensitive mid-range region of the frequency spectrum, where the majority of tonal music is heard.

With our system there is a single sound source or 1.5 way array with no crossover and associated integration, phasing or degradation problems. All frequencies are handled seamlessly as the active area of this very special cone decreases in a finely controlled fashion with increasing frequency.

The supplementary HF unit is fully integrated with no electronic hand-over. It is gradually implemented at relatively high frequency to offer a fully customisable top end.

Impressive power-handling, sensitivity and unprecedented durability

The metallic cone is quality engineered and designed to conduct and dissipate heat and is built to last for many decades without performance degradation. This revolutionary design has a high cone excursion, 150W power handling per cone with a high sensitivity. Combined with a focused sound projection and excellent behavior at volume this provides extremely impressive volume levels.

Extremely fast transient response and low distortion levels (comparable with electrostatics but without their inherent limitations).

This technology has been compared to the best electrostatics but is much more cost effective, zero maintenance, provides ultimate imaging (better point source) and also good bass dynamics.

The cabinet frontal area can also be considerably lower than electrostatics, leading to less spacial and visual intrusion. The focused sound gives minimal direct radiation from the side or rear of the enclosure, allowing wall placement, or even recessing into the wall and minimised disturbance of the sound quality and image by room reflections and external cabinet diffraction.

There is simply not a more accurate cone loudspeaker available that does this frequency range, regardless of cost. World-leading breakthroughs in construction and performance parameters have recently afforded this technology winner status in terms of both quality and affordability.

AI Imaging: Click here to see How It's Done (single source or array/tailored flexure)