Apr 2018 Floorstander Upgraded to Audavista

Further Research and Development has improved the Floorstander design to offer a new level of top-end clarity, balance and bass quality. See the Audavista product page for details.

Dec 2015 New Vivide Standmount with Latest Jordan Full-range Unit

This standmount speaker packs a scintillating no-compromise performance into a modest standmount cabinet. All the qualities of the PS, including the latest Jordan drive unit. The imaging, coherence and frequency performance of the distortion-free soundfield is a remarkable combination, affording true insight into the source material.  

June 2010: Outstanding Award

The Aurousal VS gains Outstanding Product Award in the August edition of Hi-fi News (See Reviews section).

May 2010: ACOUSTIC Insight is born

Aurousal is now our product range and the company becomes ACOUSTIC Insight. No product changes  

July 2009: VS & A1 MK2 awarded 'Very Highly Recommended' in indepenent on-line audio magazine TNT Audio

See Reviews for full details

Aurousal VS awarded Best Buy Award

The VS is awarded 5 Stars and Best Buy Award in Hi-Fi Choice magazine Nov 2008. See Reviews section.

Announcing the Aurousal VS VirtualSource™ Frequency response - 25Hz to 30KHz, power handling 250W.

This reflex loaded straight transmission line array uses 2 full-range drivers and an optional HF unit for adjustable room ambience. Uncanny re-creation of live music in the living room with subwoofer-beating bass.

Full details here

Announcing the Aurousal A1 Mk2

Since initial launch and receiving much acclaim, research and development has enabled substantial internal modifications to include the following advancements to the award winning A1:

  • Bass weight optimisation across the whole bass frequency curve giving even more realistic tonal balance and extremely impressive bass, even in large rooms and and off-wall placement
  • Internal damping optimisation, giving an even smoother response curve in mid-upper frequencies
  • Optimised impedance curve, giving enhanced realism and top-end clarity

Our no-compromise approach has meant there have been some extensive upgrades to key components but we are very proud of the result. We think we have achieved our aim to please a wide audience, including those that like broad impact and the most musically discerning listeners.