London Show Comments 


London Show Comments

The Heathrow Hi Fidelity Show is a yearly showcase for new developments at the top-end of stereo Hi-Fi


The A1's were demonstrated in a converted bedroom 12' x 13', complete with bedroom furniture, with the speakers backed onto a curtain across the windows.


Equipment Used (basic setup):

Aurousal A1 MK1

Toshiba 330E DVD player

Cambridge Audio A5 amplifier
Standard unbranded cabling – until P Kendall changed to his brand of interconnect (see comments).


There were a few challenges with demonstrating the A1 at its best:

The room was really too small for our use, with resonant problems (it was nearly square) and only allowing 6 of the large chairs. People were often standing in the boomy rear wall area.  Some sound was filtering in from neighbouring rooms and the corridoor.


However, we are grateful to those who were kind enough to provide a comment, the complete list of which is given here:




Jerry Gosnell

I’ve been listening to music/Hi-Fi for years. I was blown away by the sound of these speakers.

A Rudge

Great sound and good price too

Mike Kitchen

For the money, brilliant!

J Asphall

Excellent stuff!! – Clear & crisp, good bass, good idea to use bog standard source/amp equipment. Well done.


Clean mid & top. Looks great in black gloss


Impressive. Great image – far bigger sound than expected for size


Domestically acceptable. Remarkable range for their size


Crisp, clear and round. Nice. Walked in, sat down – stunned at the sound. Lovely. Sold.


Amazing sound in a very small package


Very natural mid and top-end. Nice!

Paul Joor

Flabbergasted! I’m tempted to take some home – Incredibly integrated sound

(CD was Pat Methany – A Map of the World)


Well controlled bass

Chris K

Amazing clarity & soundstaging for such a small enclosure. Very tempting.


Seamless left/right presentation with height even! Uncannily real dynamics & smoothness.

Richard Newby

Very open, transparent sound, no sense of ‘veiling’ at any frequency. They go so low for a small cabinet. Represent great value!


Fantastic sound quality and interesting technology. Big sound for a small speaker – great rhythm and staging.

Joe Rascoe

Very fine overall sound – worth about 3 times the price.

Build quality impeccable. They look good and sound stunning for silly money


Very very good for the price

Paul L

Excellent for the price, especially since source is DVD player.


Agree – modest amp and dvd player & very good sound.


Excellent for the price, one of the best sound in show

Simon King

Very impressed – brilliant performance for basic system

Phil Daniels

Considering the system, the speakers are amazing for their transparency. Excellent value

Paul Rutherford

Punches well above its price point…which is what good engineering is about!


Very engaging performance from a well constructed cabinet. Not at all tiring on the ear. Excellent imaging, truly high-end

Jeremy Simon Ridshill

Very musical

(he said he would purchase)


Very good and clear sound

Andrew C

A real achievement, and not just at the price. Very nice sound – clear and non-fatiguing.

K Tasker

So much from so little! Very very good

T Plank

Very good sound and wonderful value


I think that these speakers are the best in the show!!!


The best value for money sound I have heard


Very impressed. Will definitely follow up with a view to purchasing.

P Kendall

Sounded much better after the IC change – very good speakers, certainly on my short list

(he changed the amp connector to his own brand)

D Easton

Most enjoyable & very easy to listen to


Excellent sound & fantastic value – very clear sound but easy to listen to as well!


Excellent easy sound that is nice to listen to, curious about the single driver format. Nice one!


GREAT – Lovely unstressed, full sound

Colin Clarke

Established value for money

R Cook

Excellent imaging


Lots of punch from a small box. Good all round sound.

For the London Sound & Vision Show in September 2007 we had a larger room (15' X 17'). These are a typical selection of the comments we received for the Aurousal A1 MK1:

 Chris TurnerFantastic sound and build quality
 PaulVery impressed
 One of the best sounds at the show! Excellent sound, good value
 B FrenchA little bright but should be priced at between £1000 & £1500. Stunning dynamics and Detail
 B FranklinExcellent sound, dynamic & musical
 Dan RobinsonThe only speaker that has pointed out the poor recording I had other than the panel speakers
 Daniel RyanCrisp & clear - good attack on the violins on my CD. A lovely sweet sound
 Shezad AbceliMakes music sound enjoyable
 Jerry JacobsFast, open, detailed, stupendous VFM, really vibrant
 Guy  HoldsworthPerfect!
 Steve HedgeVery impressive demo
 Paul FeatherstoneFantastic sound quality and very good VFM
 PaulExcellent image
 MartinExcellent sound
 Mike RustEasily better than a £750 + speaker
 Stephen DummallBig, natural soundstage from a small speaker
 ScottAmazing natural sound

At the Heathrow Hi-Fi Show, March 2008 we demonstrated the Aurousal A1 Mk2 and prototype of VS Floorstander.

Equipment used - the same as last year (basic system). Room 15' X 17'.

Room resonances - low, apart from ceiling tiles vibrating. The room was a bit crowded and there was some noise from adjoining rooms.  Here is a typical cross-section of comments:

Aurousal A1

 Y PasqualiAmazing for a one-way speaker!
N GarbettVery clear midrange
 L GrahamSuper little speaker - very impressive
 A SaundersMusical speakers
 T FranksGood sound
 P BoadenGood sound & image
 Mike CechSound great, even with modest equipment
 Rod HowardImpressive, and from a budget DVD player!
 S PolakNice natural sound
 N BallardFantastic, alive, great!
 Brian bottleLovely sound - improvemnet over Mk1
 D YeatsGood stuff!
 P HaynesImpressive and right price!

Aurousal VS Floorstander

 R HardingLovely Mid, crisp & clean, adjustment on tweeter pleased
 J ClanayImpressive range for such a small driver!
 S BushCrisp! Good imaging
 Nigel LaslVery enjoyable - makes real hi-fi affordable!
 Chris KelleyReally liked the new floorstander - excellent fidelity to the demo recording I asked to hear
 J GrinsteadFloorstanders sounded excellent - smooth & open sound from modest system. Very good